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Abstract A&M Commerce School of Social Work partnering with an IT professional has initiated an innovative project introducing service robots into the classroom and a community agency setting. This project explores the opportunities and challenges of integrating TEMI, an interactive robot, into the social work program, student services, and community settings. Social Work and Robots: […]


Teacher helping

CSWE 2020 APM: “Leading Critical Conversations: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” Category; Technology in Social Work Education and Practice Title: Human/Robot Interaction (HRI): A New Field of Study for Social Work Facilitators Rebecca G. Judd & Chris Jones Overview (50 words) This presentation explores the rapid evolution of social assistive robots, the need to establish a […]

Technology and the Elderly

Elderly and Technology

With the increasing growth of the elderly population, the focus of early prevention and real-time monitoring has become one of the essential services of elderly healthcare. When an older person falls, the hip joint is prone to damage when he or she halls, and most injuries can lead to later complications. In the past, researchers […]