Face mask information

In an effort to support our healthcare and essential workers on the front line we have a mask that can be reused and 3D printed. These mask allows the user to place a filer over the mask breathe plate and allows for the device to be re used. 

Face mask Assembly and Disassembly

NOTE: Do not force filter cover use firm pressure but not forced pressure as the material can weaken over time if forced into mask.

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Filter Cover 


The design and layout of these masks made from 3D filament plastics and the design have NOT been tested or approved pursuant to FDA, OSHA, or NIOSH standards. The mask Information is experimental in nature and the safety or efficacy for use in humans has not been proven or tested. Users should make every effort to use an available N95 mask if feasible.  

This design is for an adult mask. 


Information is provided with permission for the recipient to freely use, copy and modify without restriction in accordance with the Creative Commons License. 

Face mask FAQ

Will this work with any 3D printer

Yes, as long as your printer has a large print base and can accept .STL files your printer will work.

Can i reuse this mask

No, The masks are not FDA approved in the fight against COVID-19 we are trying to relive the absence of PPE in any way we can.

Is this FDA approved

Yes, the masks are designed with ABS plastic and can be reused multiple times the masks can also be sent through UV cleaners multiple times for re usability.

How long does it take to print

Based on printer age the files take about 2 hours to print for a large mask.

Can we use this file and modify

Yes,Yes and Yes  we encourage anyone that needs this file to download it make modifications distribute to anyone or group that is in need.

What if the mask is not snug

we are still looking at more ways to allow for a more sung fit as there is no face that is alike. Please stay tuned for tips on how you can retrofit your mask if needed.